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Tarot of Abstract Shift

My new baby - Tarot of Abstract Shift

According to Wikipedia an abstract is a "brief summary of a research article, thesis, review, conference proceeding or any in-depth analysis of a particular subject..." The same translated for world of Art would mean movement, current in art started over 100 years ago, characterized by the reduction of realistic appearances into more simplified form. Simplifying definition itself it is like an essential oil.

I decided to apply above definitions in graphical form to the very well known classic Tarot deck with intention of pulling out essence of each card for purpose of meditation. All figures, symbols, objects and their forms have been simplified or schematized to create an abstracted version of card. It was not my intention to make perfect copies of existing figures or objects. Also I did abstract them only to some degree. Just a little, to still be a tarot card recognizable by our subconscious. Tell me how you like it and if I makes any sense to you. 

Very often realistic pictures of tarot images, limited by traditional interpretation are not suitable for meditation. Personally I do prefer something that allows use of open mind and big imagination. Many tarot reader, I trust possess that quality. I do believe that when it comes to reading cards there is no limitations declared by tarot gurus, Cards shall be like any abstract paintings open to interpretation, within boundaries by esoteric tradition of course. That is for me the beauty of Tarot. Realistic picture provides no food for my mind and works mainly for users that memorize common meanings of each card. They do not use picture itself as part of alphabet recognized by our right brain. Each card has whole range of meanings and too realistic picture on it limits them by jumping out and declaring what given card is all about.  If you have an open and inquiring mind you would be easily able to jump into the picture to see wher that will take you. I love freedom to explore each card and establish my own meaning to every one of them. Do you love yours?

Artist intention ends at the time when his work is publicized. From that moment every viewer may bring his own meaning, use his own context created by his experience and memories.  It is very personal, but optional. In my life so many times I was to tell myself  "Zibby it is a poetry, you do not have to understand it". My pictures are not for everyone. I intentionally strip very well known pictures out of their face value by reducing, blurring some recognizable objects, symbols, even shifting some traditional colors. I know some tarot purists will tell me that all the symbols and colors are untouchable. But the way I made it leaves less for your logical mind to hold onto and attempt to grasp. That was my purpose and exactly what I intended to achieve!

Labels, name of each cards, numbers are speaking directly to our left brain and logical mind. While you meditating those are the things to avoid. You want to be face to face close like on the date with graphic to allow it to be a food for your thoughts. My cards are not pure abstract. They depict a step towards breaking away from traditional representation of symbols and physical objects or making that logical connection soft and loose, It allows closer relation between form, shape and color. Yest, it's abstract twist or slight Abstract Shift only. There is so many clones of RWS deck that one more shall not make huge impact. Tell me if you like it. Shall I continue?

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