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Tarot of Abstract Shift - what next # 1

I have made my version of RWS deck for my own use here, in this blog. Also for use at Tarot Forums. When I do spread cards for someone, I believe it's always good for that person to see the pictures. After all tarot is an pictorial alphabet!
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There is other use I would like to talk about here - Tarot Spells. Most of people noticed already, one way or another, that deck of tarot cards is a great tool in process of divination. Thanks to cards, experienced tarot reader may see existing patterns in your life and basing on that, predict some future. It may be compared to seeing you walking towards the wall where is the light switch. Your hand is already extended, so it's not difficult to see that you are most likely going to flip that switch.
You may use the same tools for somehow reversed process. Some call that magic, but there is kind of logical explanation for that. When you consciously spread some tarot cards and charge them with the intention of achieving what they depict they become food for your thoughts. What's there has nasty habit of manifesting in your life. Especially when you say loud enough, so you can hear yourself what those intentions are. Some kind of meditation is also very useful in the process. If you can imagine already exactly what would be an outcome and express your joy of the moment of achievement it would charge your wish further.

You may use any picture. It is similar to creation of  Lucky Map or any other visualization exercise. Tarot cards are universal for creation of Spell. Using the deck you have at you disposal 78 different items, actions or expressions. I did prepare some preset for most common human wishes. Two most popular questions directed to tarot cards are about Love and Work/Carrier. Instead waiting for destiny to unfold you may be proactive. Say what you wish. Do you need more love and romance in your life?

Spell for Love, Romance and Relation - set of XVII Star, Knight of Cups (for women, but may be replaced with II The High Priestess in the version of spell for the man) and VI Lovers. This spell calls upon higher forces (represented by Star card) to bring you ideal partner. He or she may bring love into your life, involve you in an affair.  On the picture you see all 3 cards printed on canvas and glued to wood block. You may place it anywhere - at your desk, shelve, mantel or night table. It stimulates mind and reminds of you goal.   I have listing at Etsy with offer. Check it out => ExpressiveFace Art

Meditation that may increase the power of spell will follow soon...

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